Heart Problems?

Heart Problems
Sally T asked:

My paternal grandmother lived to be 83 years old despite having coronary artery disease and chronic atrial fibrillation for “years and years” as stated on her death certificate. Her official cause of death was stated as “congestive heart failure”. What I don’t understand is how my grandmother could live a relatively long life with her heart problems, yet my dad died from a massive heart attack at only age 53?


What causes edema in your whole body other then salt and heart problems?

Heart Problems
purplelap asked:

I have it all over my body. My legs are swollen, my hands, chest, and even eye lids, and everything. My heart has been checked, I have been checked for blood clots, and everything else is working fine. I don’t eat a lot of salt in my diet. I usually get this way in hot weather but lately it has been cold under 30 degrees F. Any suggestions?


Are these symptoms related to heart problems?

Heart Problems
rainyandstormydays asked:

I’ve had chest pains for about a year and a half already. I get them almost every day. Sometimes my heart will race really fast and about 10 minutes later I’ll have chest pains. When my heart is racing, from one beat to the next is slows down all of a sudden; it’s as if it has stopped, or will stop. Soo is a heart beat that beats really fast and then changes to slow suddenly potentially dangerous? What symptoms could this be related to?


At what age should I explain to my son about his heart problems?

Heart Problems
jandismommie asked:

When my son was born he had to have surgery on his heart because he was born with several defects in his heart. He is starting to ask me lots of questions about his scar and what the doctors did and why he was born this way and his brother wasn’t, etc. I just don’t know how much detail I should tell and how to answer some of these questions. At what age should I explain in detail about what he went through and what is the best way to answer these questions so he can understand them? Thank You!


Can a Doctor rule out heart problems like this?

Heart Problems
Bob S asked:

I went to the Doctor because I have had chest pains for the past few years and I thought I’d get them seen to.

The Doc checked my blood pressure, blood oxygen, pulse, lung capacity and BMI and said they were all fine. Does this rule out heart-related problems or should they have done more tests?

By the way, I am only 14. Does that make a difference?


Dealing With Negative Emotions- Your Guide To Worry Reduction

When you are more prone to negative feelings like fears and frustrations, your chances of developing various ailments like heart disease is at great risk. Surely, you would never want that to happen right? Here are a few steps on how you could actually deal those negative emotions from ruining your life.

Slowly close your eyes. Take a deep breath slowly for a couple of minutes or two. Have you calm yourself down? If yes, imagine there is a wall in front of you. You are standing right in front of that wall. That is your “wall of frustration” or “wall of pain and fear”. That wall symbolizes your anger, your fear, worries, frustration and all those negative feelings you are possibly into right now.

As you imagine that wall as your “wall of frustration”, imagine that you are pushing that wall. Feel your arms, your fingers, shoulder react to that wall. Let that wall absorb your negative feelings. Let that wall take away those fears and frustrations that you are facing right now.

Then, picture out that wall absorbing all those thoughts or events that are pulling out your negative emotion. It could be because you got fired from work, a jerk boss, a broken relationship. That very particular reason why you are feeling exactly what you are right now.

And then let that wall absorb these emotions totally until you feel yourselves emotion calms down, relieved and expire. Once you feel this, imagine that you are walking pass that wall. And by doing so, you have gotten totally rid of your negative emotions. You will feel relieved and relax shortly right after.

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Resveratrol And Heart Diseases

Do you consider that the modern natural supplements are the progressive step in the future? Do you think that they are some kind of the onward in the medicine? Do you support the position that the food supplements might cure the any kind of disease you suffer? If everything said higher is truth, it might mean only the one thing, you blindly believe in the advertisement. We are writing the very article with the aim to protect your organism from the great deal of harm you might entail being uninformed. The first thing we would like to underline, before we start the investigating the modern supplements, is the following: we do not make the anti promotion of the one or another supplement. The only thing you have to understand is the importance of sober – minded perceiving the information you might get on the TV, the radio, the big boards, and the internet. You have to remember that the duty of any ads is to make you spend your money on the products, goods and the cervices it is promoting. It goes without doubt that it is not easy to reduce the buying the mean that promise you full recovering from the disease you are suffer for. The bright instance of our words is the novelty in the world of supplements that is well – known as the resveratrol supplement. The promoters of the very kind of meal additions insist on their magnificent power to cure the great deal of sickness that offends people all over the world. However, here we have accent the next event, that we do not deny the ability of natural supplements to affect your general state of health beneficially. It goes without doubt, that if they made of the natural products they might feed your body with the vitamins, minerals and some significant elements for your well being. Nevertheless, let us ask you, how can the resveratrol element to cure the colon or prostate cancer? Have you ever been thinking about the very event? The promotion of the resvertarol supplement also tells us that the definite natural element is the most popular anti oxidant that help your body to recover from the great deal of diseases. They add: ‘you have to do nothing to be strong and healthy the resvertarol would do all instead of you. Everything that you must to do is just consume the resvertarol supplement every single day with your meal.’ However, it is the state of your mind, and only you might choose is it worth to take the natural supplements for the health benefit, or not, but you have always remember that it is compulsory to ask of doctors advice before you start to do that. Be healthy.

Maybe you also noticed to lots of buzz about resveratrol lately. This natural compound (found in grapes) is being related to possibility of reducing the hazards of heart diseases.

But, don’t treat resveratrol as a new magic wand for all problems. Better read more about this compound and its elements, what it does, what warning messages you should know and other important info about resveratrol.

Right now we live in the world where information quickly enhances the quality of our life.

Due to this if you are properly armed with the information in your sphere of interest you can rest assured that you will in any case find the way out from any bad situation. So, please make sure to track this web site on a regular basis or – best of all – sign up to its RSS feed. In such an easy way you will have your hand on the pulse of the latest informational updates here. Blogging can be helpful, you just need to understand how to use them.

Heart Problems and Heart Disease